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With summer weeks almost ending, most families go on their last-minute summer hangouts, far from the toxicity and hustling atmosphere of the metropolis.

As you go out-of-town, houses usually go dormant. Burglars would often use this perfect opportunity to take advantage of your leave and do their lawless acts. To ensure that your last-minute rests would definitely be of “a haven of peace”, before leaving your hard-earned homes and properties, try to consider these four home security tips:


1. The Doors

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One of the obvious and the most accessible entry passages to your home or to your property are the doors. Before you leave, try examining the door’s edges, frames, and hinges for possible damages. Ensure that the locks are well-intact and cannot be easily removed once tried to be hacked.


2. The Windows

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Aside from the doors, windows are often the second most accessible entry passages for them. Try checking all the windows not only if they’re closed but rather if they’re also locked. Try putting also curtains to those rooms that stores your well-kept personal and precious belongings. This is to prevent hackers or burglars to be easily attracted as to what are your luxurious possessions once they saw them via the window.


3. Invest on a security system

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Most houses nowadays invest on an advanced and comprehensive security system. Examples of such are the installation of closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs), motion sensors, and alarms. Installation of these smart security systems may be pricey but it can guarantee you a 100% home security.


4. The power of friendship

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One of the benefits of being friendly is that you can garner patrons. By knowing the people around your vicinity as well as establishing a harmonious relationship with them, you can tap them to check your home time-to-time while you’re out. Prior leaving, lend them your contact details so that they can text or call you once emergency arises.

With these home safety tips, you can now sit back, relax, and enjoy as you seize the remaining weeks of summer vacation!