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Everyone in this world is dreaming of finding the best place they can dwell in – a perfect home to be exact; the reason why most of us are investing a lot in searching for a property worthy of our hard-earned money and hard work.

We have great expectations in looking for a dream home because most of the time we think of the best amenities and facilities. But looking into physical features aren’t enough. As such, trying to consider these 5 P’s might save you from possible regrets in the near future.


1. Purpose.

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There is definitely a reason why you need a home. It is either you’ll use such property as a family home or you’ll be using such unit for your personal use (e.g. condo, apartment, or dormitory). Whatever your purpose may be, try to consider what you basically need. Because at the end of day, we need to align your purpose to the features of the property or the house you’ll be looking. I’m sure you don’t need a mansion in the city if you’ll be just staying there due to work.


2. Proximity

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You need to support your purpose of finding a dream home with factors such as accessibility and security. If you’ll be staying on a property because of school and work, ensuring that your home is at least two public transits away is the best thing to consider. I’m sure you don’t want to hassle yourself with the distances.

Talking about security, a spacious and vibrant property won’t be enough if the place and vicinity aren’t secured. Safety is an important aspect to consider. Making sure that the property is equipped with CCTV cameras and well-guarded by an officer is what you need to ensure first.


3. Pockets.

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After identifying your purpose, it’s time to look in your pockets!

Of course, you’ll be finding the best home that suits your budget. But make sure it won’t compromise the purpose you’ve just identified earlier. Though there may be some restrictions in terms of offers and amenities if you’re in a low budget, don’t ever sacrifice the very reason why you bought a property or a house. If it gives you so much regret, drop the offer then let’s go to the fourth P.


4. Probe.

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In every decision-making process, having a thorough research is a must. We have already identified what your basic need is and the means you can attain it. Now, trying to find for a home that would satisfy the earlier factors is another real deal. Nowadays, searching for the best property or home to own is faster than ever through online listings. You may even consult a real estate broker for best advice. I’m sure they’ll give you a variety of options to choose from.


5. Prioritize.

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Time will come that because of so much offers and options, they will all clutter up in your mind and it’s definitely hard to come up on a decision if there are so many things in it. Clearing your mind by sorting out the best options is the next step. Remember, as you choose your top 3 or your top 5, always go back to your purpose and your means. It will anchor you back when you’re too saturated with properties that appeals to your luxurious taste.


With so many tips you can actually consider in buying your dream home, you can actually experiment a lot of factors to consider and to play with. But always make sure that apart from the need and the purpose, there should be a room for delight and happiness!

Happy home searching!